I have always been a visual person, noticing the details, the small, the ordinary, the way light strikes an object or a scene. I am attracted to places and objects that have a history to them, such things as old doors and windows, glass and metal. I also love the natural environment and am fascinated by the details of flowers, insects, trees, rocks, and water. The glow of light, on an object, in a landscape, is what I try to capture. Painting has allowed me to express my delight and interest in these objects and scenes. I continue to explore various media that I can use to bring those things that catch my eye to paper or canvas.

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Art Trek 2014

June 5, 2014

Art Trek 2014 is nearly here! June 13 and 14 are the dates to put on your calendar!

Here is our logo, to look for at the various studios ~

And here is a map indicating the location of the nine - yes nine! - studios participating this year.

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Barguing along

May 19, 2014

About a year ago, I began drawing classes with Craig Berry of Atelier 2302. You can see the blog where I first wrote about doing the Barge drawings here. The class follows the classical training progression of drawing first from the Bargue plates, with a 1:1 copy, then progressing to proportionate measure of a plate to a drawing, and then moving on to learning to draw a three-dimensional cast. 

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