Autumn musings

We have had the most beautiful and warm end of summer, early fall this year. Today, finally we are having rain which has been needed. I feel like it is getting me in the mood for Vancouver, where I will be going soon to take part in a 4 day painting workshop.

I haven't taken a workshop in a couple of years, and am really looking forward to this one coming up. The instructor is Alvaro Castagnet, a Uraguayan painter. It will be in watercolour, and, weather permitting, we are going to be painting outdoors too, around Granville Island. This looks like it will be great fun and a great way to get back to painting in watercolour.

This summer, very little in the way of painting was done. It turned out to be one of those where there was a lot of demand on my time because of things that needed doing to the house - lots of things needed fixing, replacing, painting etc. Now those are pretty well complete and with autumn definitely here, I start to look forward to painting more steadily.

To start with, I am now a new member of one of Saskatoon's long standing painting groups, the Artists' Workshop. I am in the process of setting up a web site for the group, so check back from time to time as I get information and photos added from the other members of the group. The group has met a couple of times so far and I realized how out of practice with watercolours I am. So this workshop will get me back into the swing again.

Also, our Escape Artists' group has begun the planning for our Third Annual 'Art by the Hearth' show in December (the 10th and 11th). Suddenly, that is only two months away. Deadlines are motivating though.

And then in November I am going to take part in a multimedia workshop being put on by the University through its Community Arts program. Miranda Jones is doing 2 consecutive weekends and will be doing collage and working with gold leaf, something I have been wanting to find out about for some time.

So now is the time for turning slowly away from summer, enjoying whatever autumn we get, and looking forward to settling in for the winter months and hopefully painting, painting, painting.

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