Catching up

The past month has been a very busy time, and included three show. First came Gardenscape, where I had five paintings on display. Then came the Escape Artists show at the Art au Jus Gallery, then the Prairie River Artists annual show last weekend. I finally feel like I am catching up. Also, the painting class I was taking finished this week.

The shows all went well, although we had terrible weather on the weekend of the Prairie River Artists, which I think affected the attendance on Saturday. Still, we had quite a few visitors overall for both group shows.

 Next, we have another group show with Escape Artists at the Circle Centre Mall galleries. That will go up in a couple of weeks; it stays up for about a month. 

I have taken the plunge and will put five paintings in the OSAC Adjudication. OSAC is the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Every few years, they put on a series of what they call adjudications. Artists submit five works, and these are put up in a local gallery. For us, it will be the Snelgrove Gallery on the campus of the U of Sask. Once it is hung, the pieces are critiqued by guest artists. Then the artists get to hear the critiques, and there is a general reception afterwards. OSAC will select some works to go on a 2 year tour around the province. Some people are invited to submit a proposal for a solo show, from what I understand. I had been thinking about it, but wasn't too sure. Iris Hauser, the art instructor for the class I was taking, encouraged us to participate, so I decided I would. It happens at the end of May, so will be interesting to see how it goes. 

So for the next month, things will hopefully be a little more  'normal' - whatever that is! At least not back-to-back shows. I'd like to get back to painting - more ideas to work out. Gardening will be happening eventually, although it has been so continually cold that we are definitely going to have a late spring. Lots to do as usual. And that is good. 

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