Class on transparent glass


This past weekend, I went out to Vancouver and took a 2-day workshop on how to paint transparent glass, in watercolour, with Kiff Holland. I went out a couple of days earlier, and attended the Federation of Canadian Artists fundraiser. I got to meet with my aunt and uncle (he is a signature member of the FCA, George Bates) and met some of the other Vancouver artists, so it was great fun.

The workshop was excellent, and I learned a lot from Kiff. The painting above is my first attempt at this kind of painting and I feel quite proud of it. This was done during the workshop, so it isn't complete. I certainly plan to do some more. It is quite a challenge, thinking through the process and then seeing if you can get it to work. I really enjoy this sort of painting. I am almost glad that summer is over, as I will soon be able to concentrate more on painting - no more distractions of warm days to be out in the garden.


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