December reflections

Winter is settling in early, with lots of cold weather this December. We have had a lot of sundogs so far. I am hoping this means that we are getting the cold weather now and January will be milder, relatively speaking. The fall brings the settling in to the routines again, after the more free form summer days. That means back to the Artists' Workshop painting group, drawing class at Atelier 2302, piano lessons, and the regular exercise classes as well.

This fall, I also was very fortunate to be given my uncle, George Bates', easel. You can read more about that here. Here is a photo of it covered in current works underway. 

I really like having a proper easel that will take large paintings. Before, they kind of teetered on my small metal tripod type easel.

You can see my second Bargue drawing underway too. Craig has now set up a continuous program at his Atelier, so that you can progress through at your own pace. He has just put up information on his newly revamped web site, and will have a blog and newsletter as well.  I hope to be finished this second Bargue this month, and then will start the third one in January. That one will entail doing the drawing from sight, without doing all the exacting measuring. I did this second one about half and half. I am still enjoying the process so much. It has such a Zen quality to it and I am learning lots from Craig. After the third Bargue, then we do a fourth, expanding the size (i.e. not a 1:1 copy), without measuring. Then we go on to drawing from casts. I am really looking forward to that part. We have a very special resource here at the university, a Museum of Antiquities, which has original and reproduction pieces of ancient sculptures. Once I learn to do the cast drawing, I plan to go there and do drawings from the works there, which are very well lit, as you can see from the photos of the museum. This is a place most people no nothing about, even those on campus. A hidden treasure. 

This fall I also became a member of the Pomegranate Gallery at Persephone Theatre. Each time there is a new show, we change the pieces in the gallery. Also right now, we have a sale of small works from the gallery artists in the lobby of the theatre, during the run of the current show. 

I am looking forward to a quiet month or so now, and hope to get more painting underway. I have some new ideas I'd like to work on, and if this cold continues, I will be able to get going on them. I will put up some sneak peeks once I get going. Keep warm!


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