An excellent art blog - Stapleton Kearns

One of my favourite art blogs is that done by Stapleton Kearns. He is a landscape painter who lives in the New England area. I came across this blog when he wrote a guest piece on the FineArtViews blog (I'll talk about this one later. Over the past year, he was doing a daily blog about art related topics. When I found it, he was just beginning a series of blogs about American painters from the past. It was very well, done, with lots of illustrations. Because I don't have an arts background, I am interested in finding out about art history, and this is one blog that has provided some good information.

 Stapleton (if I can be that informal) also has lots of information about design and composition. Right now, he is doing an interesting series of blogs about how trees grow, so that you can better paint convincing trees in your landscape.

 He also has a wicked sense of humour and does some fun, 'Ask Stape' pieces. So check out his blog site. If you click on the blue square in the URL bar, or to the very bottom of the page, where it says 'subscribe' you can get a feed to your reader or gmail. 

He also has a good web site too, with lots of his paintings. He certainly does capture the essence of the New England landscape. I lived in Massachussetts for a year back in the 1970s and it is a beautiful place. So check out his blog - I think you'll enjoy it.

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