Go big or go home, part II

I did get inspired by doing the big tulip, and decided to do a second painting in the same size. I sketched in one idea with charcoal. No, didn't like it. The composition didn't work on that scale. Think of another possibility. A spring landscape, focusing in closely. Sketched it out and started the under painting. No, didn't like that either. Too bland and high key. For the most part, I like lots of contrast. So, ponder some more. Aha, a big orange. I love painting oranges, particularly if they are backlit. So, that is what I did. And here it is. It was fun to do.


I also finished an experimental piece using the metal leaf. For our upcoming show in April, we each get to do a black and white piece. I thought about that for some time, and then decided that I would use the metal leaf for the white. I used part of a photo my cousin took of window reflections and turned it into a black and white, and it looked like a distinct possibility. So here it is. Not the easiest thing to photograph with the metal reflecting. I might do a bit more to it yet, but it is more or less done. 


I always let paintings sit for a while on the shelf in the TV room. Then I can see them in different light during the day and night and sometimes oddities show up. So I call it contemplation time.

We are exactly a month from the show now, so the deadline is looming. I have a couple more ideas I'd like to try out. It is nice to have a selection of things to put up. I got some nice frames from King of Frames in the States. With the dollar being at par, the prices are good and the quality is excellent. Once I get them framed up, I'll post a couple of photos. I especially like the ones for 6 x6 inch square panels.

Tomorrow is another painting day, so off to get some things ready for the morning.

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