A good show

I had a very good time at our recent group show for the Prairie River Artists. If you visit the site, you can see photos from the show via the link to the groups' Flickr pages. We had a good turnout of visitors and I want to thank all those who came out to see our show.

I have uploaded all of the newest works that I had included in the show on the New Works page.

Now that spring is almost here (it is certainly taking its time this year) thoughts will turn to gardening. I do have some new ideas that I want to work on though, and will hopefully be able to get them underway soon, in anticipation of entering them in some new venues. I have some new paints, both in watercolour and oil, that are mineral based and am planning to try some 'earthy' types of paintings. These paints have different characteristics because they are actual minerals. The watercolours are transparent and the minerals sediment a lot on the paper to give interesting effects. I haven't tried the oil versions yet, but anticipate that they will have a very interesting look to them. I am looking forward to getting to play with them. 

So time for spring and all the renewal it brings.

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