Irwin Greenberg's Words to Paint By

In today's Robert Genn's 'The Painter's Keys', he talks about Irwin Greenberg, a watercolourist, and his list of 'Words to Paint By'. It is a list of 100 ideas he has about becoming an artist. You can find this list below Robert's essay. The first of these is 'Paint every day.' This is such a fundamental concept and one that takes a great deal of discipline. It is so easy to become distracted by daily 'things'. Still, to even take a few minutes to sketch something, or to add a little to something being worked on keeps the momentum going.That is something I must commit to.

Painting is becoming an integral part of me now. When I first decided I would give painting a try in 2001, it was for fun, to try something new, to see if was something that might be of interest. Instead, I discovered that this was really a part of me. It has taken me a while to see that, and to take my self seriously. It is very easy to dismiss it as 'hobby' or 'pasttime'. I was asked recently by someone if I hadn't done enough painting now. My reply was that I was only getting started, because I have so much more to learn and see and do.

Each time something works out, it is a revelation. Seeing your idea emerging out of the paper or canvas is magical. So I will be continuing on this journey, and using these 100 suggestions whenever I falter or doubt myself.


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