It's spring somewhere!

The first of March, days are longer, sun is stronger, particularly noticeable here in the more northern latitudes. I like how it stays light in the afternoon/early evening, like a long twilight here, once we are past the shortest day. We have had an odd, almost non-winter here. That has been a treat in many ways. Parka and boots have done little duty this winter. And now that March has officially arrived, the potential for the real cold is limited. We have some snow, and we can get good snowfalls in March here. So it will be some weeks yet before spring actually arrives here. That doesn't mean we aren't thinking about it. It was interesting to note that at our regular meeting of our painting group, Artists' Workshop, we were all starting to think about painting floral subjects. You can hardly blame us when winter is so many months long here. This is a largish one I have just finished. It is an oil painting, 28 x 28 inches. It was great fun to do, big swatches of colour. One of our group members, Val Boryki, said a couple of weeks ago, when we were talking about painting - go big or go home. She had just completed a show of large paintings based on Picasso. So I thought, right, time to try something big again. I picked up a couple of these canvases and got down to it.

So here it is. I had taken photos of some of my old-time tulips last spring. They grew really well last year. I love the light coming through the back side of flowers. I am always heading out to the garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon (except in the winter) just to catch the light like this (my neighbours have become accustomed to this). This will go in the April show. Now it has to dry and then get varnished and framed.



Now I want to do a second one. I started painting a scene, but don't like it, so wiping off and starting again. Well, I had better get to it!

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