New ventures for the new year

I have begun a new art blog, which will include daily musings, bits and pieces and ongoing works. You can see it at 'Notes from the Middle'. You can make comments on this site. I found that on Redberry Art, I was getting too much spam, although you can make comments on Redberry Art too. I have changed the link, so I hope that this will reduce the spam here. Such an annoyance. We are in the depths of winter here, although it has been another milder January - just -22C today! I have been housecleaning Redberry Art too. I will be putting some new cards up shortly. The new year always seems like a good time to put things in order.

 Also, I now have a Flickr site, Prairie Painter Photos. If you would like to visit that, please do. I put up regular sets of photographs on various topics, not all art related.

 New ventures for the new year. Just the beginning of many I hope - for you too!



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