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We had a great Artists' Workshop spring show. Lots of people came by all three days. We had many positive comments as well, about the variety and quality of the works that we displayed. This was my board display. We also had some paintings around the walls as well. The big tulip was quite a hit! I think everyone was in the mood for some spring colour. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. You can see more photos from the show by going to the Artists' Workshop site and clicking on the flickr link on the right. 

show display


This weekend there is a small show at a local framer's shop, Framer's Edge. I will have a few of my small pieces there, just for Saturday. Then it will definitely be gardening time, with some painting tucked in as well. I was asked to do a couple more of my small ones of vegetables for someone who is collecting them. And then I was approached by a woman who is setting up a new business of representing artists in placing their works in various commercial venues. She is having her first show in August, and is having a theme of trees, so I will see what I can do for that.

Then, in June, our Artists' Workshop group will be participating in the city's first studio tour. Five artists' groups will open their studios for a Friday evening/Saturday and will be actively working as well as showing some of their completed works. This is our logo. We have a Facebook page at Art Trek Facebook. If you 'like' the page, you will be updated with the various groups' happenings as we get closer to the tour. So there are a few things coming up. Now, to get everything tidied up a bit first!

art trek logo

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