One week to go - to the show!

Well, suddenly it is one week until our annual spring show - Artists' Workshop. Although looking out the window, spring is nowhere in sight here. We hope that everyone can come by and enjoy some colour after months of monochrome white.

The final week before a show doesn't allow for too much painting. Now is time for list, finishing edges, varnishing, making labels, lists, framing, lists (did I mention lists?). Thank goodness for google calendar. I reminds me the day before of anything that has to get done. 

I did squeeze one more little oil painting in. I love doing these little ones and wanted to have a few for the show. Here it is ~


I have to upload photos of all the new works going in the show. That will be part of this weekend's list too. I have a few more photos to take. Today, being overcast is better for taking photos. We still have so much snow that it is almost impossible to do it in the day time - too much glare! So I have been doing them in the early evening. 

I hope to see you at the show! 

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