Some catching up to do

It has been a considerable amount of time since I have actually blogged about anything here. Like anyone else, life happened, as it continues to do, and for a while I found it difficult to write. I am hoping to remedy that situation and come back to writing on a more regular basis. There are some interesting art things I'd like to share.

In April we had our most recent show and as usual it was an enjoyable event. So once that was done, I decided it was time to do some significant cleaning/clearing/reoganization of my studio space. My room, off the kitchen, is about 9 x 10 ft, with windows all across the north side, looking out onto the garden, and on the west side, two more windows and a door to the outside.

I have been working slowly all winter on reducing Stuff in the house.

One of my favourites - George Carlin on 'Stuff'

My goal has been to reduce my own Stuff by about 50% as a first cut. So far I did my closet and clothes, my sewing room and the guest room. My sewing room and guest room had been taken over (overwhelmed) by lots of Stuff associated with painting - frames, canvases, paper, old framed and unframed paintings, drawings. I decided it was time to ditch the sentimentality and be firm about I really wanted and needed to keep. My studio space had gotten to the point where I could barely move, what with Stuff everywhere. Here are a couple of 'before' photos ~

I ended up donating a car load of art supplies to a local art community organization for youth, and probably have some more to take yet. I have some more art materials that I am going to see if anyone in the art circles want. I tossed old paintings and drawings, not wanting to have to leave them for someone else to have to deal with some day. I think I will make this an annual event. It has been quite liberating. 

So now my studio looks like this ~


I am going to do my best to keep it like this for now.  It will be much easier to work now without tripping over things. I am going to try very hard not to let the Stuff get the better of me!



aargh - 50% as a first reduction?????? I'm green with your dedication to continuing. Would like to hear about the sentimentality of old frames and overcoming that. . . . My garage would be grateful too. . Enjoy the summer. J

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