Summer Fruits


Here are three of the little oil paintings (4 x 4 inches) I have done so far for the August show. With all the lovely fruit in season right now, I thought - great subject matter. I am trying to get one done of the delicious white cherries (I think they may be called Ranier or Cascade cherries). They have such a connection for me as we used to have them when we were kids. They have appeared again in recent years much to my joy - they are my favourites. But they are hard to paint. I find that anything that is white is hard to paint in oils. I need to practice more. Although the object might appear white, it really isn't. It is all the colours it reflects and it is very subtle. So some more work is needed. Watercolour I can do, but oils are more of a challenge. I will persevere! Besides, it's fun.

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