Ignoring January

The best way to ignore January is to get stuck into projects of various kinds. Although the white from the snow is always the backdrop, it is always very bright, and now, by slow increments, it is getting lighter each day, particularly in the afternoons. And although this is usually the coldest month, a little space heater in the studio takes the chill off - I pretend it is a little fireplace.

And the projects get underway. Here is the first painting getting underway for this year. It is of the lily that was developed for the University's 100th anniversary about three years ago. A limited number of the bulbs were produced and were sold at Gardenscape and Hort Week. I managed to get three bulbs which have since multiplied well. They are a beautiful flower, particularly in the late afternoon sun.

I got this much of the painting started yesterday afternoon, and plan to get the rest of the initial work done today. That's what you do when it is frigid outside - paint summer things. If it works out the way I hope it does, it will go into the Gardenscape art show at the end of March. I decided I would participate for another year. I always volunteer with the planting of the demonstration gardens, and have been in the art show for 4 years so far. I just discovered that there is a photo gallery of several past Gardenscape shows here. I will put the information about dates on the events calendar.

So, time to have a bit of lunch, then get back to the easel. And ignore January.


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