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We had a great Artists' Workshop spring show. Lots of people came by all three days. We had many positive comments as well, about the variety and quality of the works that we displayed. This was my board display. We also had some paintings around the walls as well. The big tulip was quite a hit! I think everyone was in the mood for some spring colour. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. You can see more photos from the show by going to the Artists' Workshop site and clicking on the flickr link on the right. 

show display


This weekend there is a small show at a local framer's shop, Framer's Edge. I will have a few of my small pieces there, just for Saturday. Then it will definitely be gardening time, with some painting tucked in as well. I was asked to do a couple more of my small ones of vegetables for someone who is collecting them. And then I was approached by a woman who is setting up a new business of representing artists in placing their works in various commercial venues. She is having her first show in August, and is having a theme of trees, so I will see what I can do for that.

Then, in June, our Artists' Workshop group will be participating in the city's first studio tour. Five artists' groups will open their studios for a Friday evening/Saturday and will be actively working as well as showing some of their completed works. This is our logo. We have a Facebook page at Art Trek Facebook. If you 'like' the page, you will be updated with the various groups' happenings as we get closer to the tour. So there are a few things coming up. Now, to get everything tidied up a bit first!

art trek logo

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Almost ready

Just a few days now to our spring show. This year I am feeling quite relaxed about the whole process. I have enjoyed my first winter painting with my new group, the Artists's Workshop. The incentive of working together every Monday has been a great motivator. Also, this group shows just paintings, so there isn't the work of cards and reproductions to do. I still have cards if anyone wants them; they can just get in touch with me. So all the paintings that will be done for this show are finished. The framing is done. I just have two little ones to varnish, which will just take a few minutes. Just labels to be done. It is a nice feeling.

You can see most of the new pieces on the New Works page now. The living room is the staging ground for the show, so there are pieces all around waiting for their labels and then to be all wrapped up to take to the show. It gets a little chaotic!



April is art month in Saskatoon. I hope you can get out and see all the shows that are on. We have a very talented city! What we need is a central on-line location so that all these activities and shows can be posted. Something to work on over the summer.

See you soon!

With spring, new shows

Today is the first day of spring, which of course brought snow to us. I have been painting away, getting ready for our annual spring show.  Here is the information:


Now it is just over 3 weeks away. I plan to have pretty well all new pieces for the show, so it will be a busy time the next few weeks. I am starting to put up the new pieces in the Gallery of New Works, so keep checking to see what is new. 

There is some news as well. Our Artists' Workshop group has been invited to participate in Saskatoon's first Art Trek, a Studio Discovery Tour of five local practicing art groups. You can follow the development of this undertaking on our Facebook page, Art Trek. Art Trek will take place Friday June 8, from 5 - 10 pm, and Saturday June 9 from 10 am - 5 pm. The five groups taking part for this inagural tour are Saint George Studio, 330 Design Group, MIX Artists' Collective, Artists' Workshop, and The Men Who Paint. There will be over 40 artists demonstrating their practice and works. 

So it looks like an 'artful' spring coming up! I hope you can come by and take part in the various activities.

Autumn musings

We have had the most beautiful and warm end of summer, early fall this year. Today, finally we are having rain which has been needed. I feel like it is getting me in the mood for Vancouver, where I will be going soon to take part in a 4 day painting workshop.

I haven't taken a workshop in a couple of years, and am really looking forward to this one coming up. The instructor is Alvaro Castagnet, a Uraguayan painter. It will be in watercolour, and, weather permitting, we are going to be painting outdoors too, around Granville Island. This looks like it will be great fun and a great way to get back to painting in watercolour.

This summer, very little in the way of painting was done. It turned out to be one of those where there was a lot of demand on my time because of things that needed doing to the house - lots of things needed fixing, replacing, painting etc. Now those are pretty well complete and with autumn definitely here, I start to look forward to painting more steadily.

To start with, I am now a new member of one of Saskatoon's long standing painting groups, the Artists' Workshop. I am in the process of setting up a web site for the group, so check back from time to time as I get information and photos added from the other members of the group. The group has met a couple of times so far and I realized how out of practice with watercolours I am. So this workshop will get me back into the swing again.

Also, our Escape Artists' group has begun the planning for our Third Annual 'Art by the Hearth' show in December (the 10th and 11th). Suddenly, that is only two months away. Deadlines are motivating though.

And then in November I am going to take part in a multimedia workshop being put on by the University through its Community Arts program. Miranda Jones is doing 2 consecutive weekends and will be doing collage and working with gold leaf, something I have been wanting to find out about for some time.

So now is the time for turning slowly away from summer, enjoying whatever autumn we get, and looking forward to settling in for the winter months and hopefully painting, painting, painting.

Transition time

Well, the spring shows are done and dusted for this year. Thank you to all who came to our Prairie River show. The beautiful sunny weekend brought out lots of visitors. It was great fun talking to everyone and seeing all the smiling faces. Could you tell it has been a long drawn-out winter?


This was a successful show this year, both for the number of people who came out to see it, and for the paintings that were sold. Having a painting sell is really the icing on the cake. I really appreciate all those who have come by to see what I have been doing, and give me such positive feedback; and to those who have taken a painting home with them, I give a special thanks for your encouragement and support.

This winter I was focusing on still life works and some botanicals as well. Landscape in our environment is more than challenging in the winter, so I find that I tend to focus inward.

This summer I would like to try some plein air sketching and maybe painting. Once dust season is done it will be easier to be out and about. We still haven't had rain yet, as the snow is now almost melted, so it is a very dusty and brown place at the moment. Little bits of green are starting to show, so in a few weeks, we will be on our way to our short and intense spring/summer season here.

In the meantime, some spring cleaning of my little studio space is in order after the chaos of getting ready for shows. I have some things to try out this summer too - pencils, watercolour sticks, oil sticks, water soluble graphite. Playtime soon!

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Varnishing and framing

Today I am doing the final bits getting ready for the Prairie River Artists' show this weekend. This show marks the end of our year of painting together and is always fun to do. I enjoy seeing everyone come and look at what we have worked on and chat with the visitors. This year we are going to do some painting demonstrations and I think that will be another great opportunity to show people the actual process or making art works.


Here are some of the little ones that just had their coat of varnish done. Once they are dry, they will get their hangers. I have a couple of larger ones to frame and then I will be pretty well ready.

I realized in looking at everything (scattered all over the living room at the moment) that most of the paintings in this show will be oils. I have been focussing on the oils primarily over this past winter. When I started to work on a small watercolour this past weekend, thinking I might be able to do it for the show, I realized just how rusty I was! So definitely time to switch focus for a bit and get back to watercolours. I am signed up for a watercolour workshop this year, but it isn't until October. Maybe this summer I can get up the nerve to go out and do sketches around the area. Something to think about once the snow is gone and the paths are dry.

I hope lots of people will come out to the show and spend some time talking to us. Tea and cookies are free!

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It's in the cards

This is the card table. I have been printing up the cards I will have at our upcoming Prairie River Artists' show in about 3 weeks time. I have a lovely new printer (a Canon MX870) which is doing a great job. I like to get this done ahead of time as I like to add a 'chop' of my name to the back and because it is a kind of oil paint, it takes a couple of days to dry. You can see it below. I like it because part of my name has water lilies in it, one of my favourite flowers which I get to enjoy when I go visit Vancouver. It came in its own little silk covered box. The ink is also in its own box. A lovely little set.


I got the chop several years ago from a man who would make them on the spot, at the Lonsdale Quay market. I don't know if he is still there; the Quay is a great place to visit if you are in Vancouver. You take the Sea Bus across from Vancouver. Then you can walk around the lower Lonsdale area too - there's an Opus there for art supplies.

Then, yesterday I received my new set of Moo cards. This time I got the larger business card size. They are printed on recycled paper and are really nice. Last time I got the smaller mini cards, which I also like very much, but thought I'd try the standard sized cards for a change. If you come by the show, please pick one up.



Now I am just waiting for the order of little clear bags that the cards will go into. It is quite a process, but I enjoy doing it. I hope you like them too! See you soon.


Elastic time

Winter always seems like such an endurance test. Then February finally arrives and even though it is only a matter of a couple of days, it seems that much shorter, and passes more quickly. When March hits, even though it is still very much winter here, and will be for weeks yet, the brighter and longer days are more energizing, and I seem to get much more accomplished.

Now, the first show of the year is in just over 2 weeks, and then our big group show is in about 4 weeks. Zoom! I have done another few small paintings, and a still life with an orange, a sugar shaker and a small copper pot. I haven't got to any beach paintings after all, and given the time, it may just not happen until these shows are done.

When I was at the grocery store yesterday I found a blood orange. I think they are called Moro oranges now - maybe people don't like the gory reference, but I rather like the original name. I think I will do a small one of the intact orange which has an orange and red peel, and then one of some slices that are backlit to show off their great colour. I also have an avocado. Love those colourful fruits and veg!

This year, at our group show, we are going to have people painting so that the visitors can see how we do it. I hope that they find it interesting to see how we actually create the works. Well, back to it!


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