the Artists' Workshop


I have some news to impart. That sounds a little dramatic, but it is news of upcoming changes.

This spring, I applied to, and have been accepted into the Artists' Workshop group of Saskatoon. It is one of the city's longest running groups. I am really very honoured to have been accepted. At this time, it doesn't have a web site, but I hope that come the fall, when the group starts up again, I can volunteer to set one up for the group. I am quite excited about being in this group, as it has several well known Saskatoon artists in it. I have had the opportunity to paint with them for their floral workshops the past two years. The group meets and paints together every Monday, which will be great. They do occasional workshops during the winter, and also will do some figurative work as well, something I haven't really had an opportunity to do yet. So there will be lots of new things to look forward to. Also, having a dedicated day is great for motivation and continuity.

Moving to this group will mean another change or two. The first one is that I will be leaving the Prairie River Artists group. I must admit to having mixed feelings because this group really gave me my start in being able to participate in our local show. The challenge of showing my paintings has been a great incentive to keep working and hopefully improving. I will miss the people in the group. This group is also going through some changes, with a number of the group members leaving for a variety of reasons. They will have some new people and that is always good.

The other change will be Monday morning workouts at the Field House. I will have to do the weight training on another day to keep it up. I think I will have to go to the occasional Monday though to see all the friends I have there. I will still go on Wednesday and Friday as usual. A little rearrangement to do.

So what is life but change? Mostly it is a good thing. These changes will shuffle things around, and bring some new opportunities and that is something to look forward to.

Now, to look to the garden!

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