Artists' Workshop show

One week to go - to the show!

Well, suddenly it is one week until our annual spring show - Artists' Workshop. Although looking out the window, spring is nowhere in sight here. We hope that everyone can come by and enjoy some colour after months of monochrome white.

The final week before a show doesn't allow for too much painting. Now is time for list, finishing edges, varnishing, making labels, lists, framing, lists (did I mention lists?). Thank goodness for google calendar. I reminds me the day before of anything that has to get done. 

I did squeeze one more little oil painting in. I love doing these little ones and wanted to have a few for the show. Here it is ~


I have to upload photos of all the new works going in the show. That will be part of this weekend's list too. I have a few more photos to take. Today, being overcast is better for taking photos. We still have so much snow that it is almost impossible to do it in the day time - too much glare! So I have been doing them in the early evening. 

I hope to see you at the show! 

Back in business - and looking forward

I am really happy that Redberry Art is back again in its great revised format (thanks to my internet gurus). 

We have been enduring a record breaking winter this year, into our fifth month of snow and more to come. Spring is going to be very welcome when it finally gets here, but we will be hoping for a slow melt. I have been making use of the indoor time in working on a number of new paintings. They will be part of our Artists' Workshop annual spring show next month, well, really just four weeks away. I am finishing up a number of works in oil so they have time to dry and then be varnised and framed. This year we are trying a variation on our 'miniatures' board. In the past, members of the group would display small paintings together on one panel. For this show, we are all doing paintings on the same size of canvas, 6 x 6 inches, and will have them all the same price. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Here are my four that will be on display. 

I hadn't done any florals for quite a while, and after looking at a white landscape out my window for months on end, I wanted to go back to my garden this way.

Here is our Artists' Workshop flyer. You can also see more information about this year's show on our Facebook page.

In June, we will be participating in Art Trek 2013, this year with eight studio groups. We have added three new studios, so will have over 50 artists involved in the tour this year. Very exciting. You can keep track of what is happening on our Art Trek Facebook page

I'll soon be putting up photos of the new pieces I have been working on. Also I have some new sites and information to share. 


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Almost ready

Just a few days now to our spring show. This year I am feeling quite relaxed about the whole process. I have enjoyed my first winter painting with my new group, the Artists's Workshop. The incentive of working together every Monday has been a great motivator. Also, this group shows just paintings, so there isn't the work of cards and reproductions to do. I still have cards if anyone wants them; they can just get in touch with me. So all the paintings that will be done for this show are finished. The framing is done. I just have two little ones to varnish, which will just take a few minutes. Just labels to be done. It is a nice feeling.

You can see most of the new pieces on the New Works page now. The living room is the staging ground for the show, so there are pieces all around waiting for their labels and then to be all wrapped up to take to the show. It gets a little chaotic!



April is art month in Saskatoon. I hope you can get out and see all the shows that are on. We have a very talented city! What we need is a central on-line location so that all these activities and shows can be posted. Something to work on over the summer.

See you soon!

Mark your calendars!

The Artists' Workshop Annual Show and Sale-

Coming in April!



This will be my first show with the Artists' Workshop, the group I joined last autumn. Working with this group has been great fun. This is a group of very talented women. I am looking forward to being a part of this exciting show.

Painting weekly with the group has been energizing, and I have been trying out some new and different media and techniques, as well as working on both watercolour and oil projects. Now, suddenly, the show is only two months away, so it is time to kick into high gear. A deadline always focuses the mind!

So back to priming some more canvases.....

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