A week to go until the show

March 31, 2011

Just over a week to go until our Prairie River Artists spring show (April 9th and 10th, Albert Community Centre). I have finished all the oil paintings that will be done for the show so they will wait until next week for varnishing and framing. These are some of the little paintings that will be in the show; they are 4 x 4 inches each.

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Elastic time

March 9, 2011

Winter always seems like such an endurance test. Then February finally arrives and even though it is only a matter of a couple of days, it seems that much shorter, and passes more quickly. When March hits, even though it is still very much winter here, and will be for weeks yet, the brighter and longer days are more energizing, and I seem to get much more accomplished.

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When the magic happens

February 6, 2011

After painting a few floral pieces that I want to put into the upcoming Gardenscape show, I decided that I wanted a change. I had some nice big raspberries and blackberries on hand, and a sunny afternoon, so decided to set up a still life. I like to do reflections so picked a couple of small pieces and used them. Yesterday afternoon was our art group, so I started to work on it.

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An amazing new resource - Google Art Project

February 1, 2011

I just found about this amazing art resource, the Google Art Project through another art blog by artist Marc Dalessio. Start out with the short video Visitor Guide under the Learn More link. It shows how much you can do with the site. They have set it up so you can tour the facilities just like street view. You can also look very close up at individual paintings. This could provide hours of exploration.

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Painting away winter

January 21, 2011


You can tell by the glare that winter is in full spate here. January is the half way mark. We have about 2 feet of snow now in the back yard. The sun is out today, and my windows in my little studio face north and west. The easel is in the corner, so have lots of reflections going on.

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Ignoring January

January 9, 2011

The best way to ignore January is to get stuck into projects of various kinds. Although the white from the snow is always the backdrop, it is always very bright, and now, by slow increments, it is getting lighter each day, particularly in the afternoons. And although this is usually the coldest month, a little space heater in the studio takes the chill off - I pretend it is a little fireplace.

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Another year end

December 31, 2010


This is the final painting done in 2010; it was a gift for a good friend who celebrated a significant birthday yesterday. She loves irises, and had seen the small one I had at our last show, but it was already sold. So I decided to make her a bigger one for her birthday. It was well received, so that feels good.

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Calendars for 2011

December 12, 2010

There are still a few of the calendars left that I made for the upcoming year, 2011. How can it be 2011! Wasn't it just yesterday we were worrying about all the electronics crashing because it was going to turn over to 2000? I have two calendars, one of favourite photos, and the other of selected art pieces. Both are in colour, 11 x 17 when folded out, with squares for the dates to write in all those things you do.

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An enjoyable show

December 9, 2010

Thank you to everyone who came by our Escape Artists' show this past weekend. Saturday was a bit snowy, but it didn't stop most people, and by Sunday, we had some sunshine, which really showed off all the great art works. You can see some on Escape Artists' flickr site. We had lots of positive comments, and we got to enjoy mulled cider and goodies while we talked to our visitors each day.

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Counting down to the next show

November 30, 2010

Just 4 days to our Escape Artists' show - Art by the Hearth. I have most of my things ready - cards printed, calendars ready, paintings done. I just have a few oil paintings to varnish, which will be done Thursday. Also, a bit of housekeeping in preparation for having the show at our house.

It looks like the weather will be reasonable too. No snow predicted, sunny, and somewhat cold. Manageable! We will have goodies and hot drinks at the ready so people can meander around and see the show.

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Updating Redberry Art

October 26, 2010


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Mendel Members' Show 2010

October 22, 2010

Tonight is the opening reception for the annual Mendel Art Gallery's Members' Show. It runs until November 7. It always has some interesting pieces in it, and is a fundraiser for the Mendel. Right now there is a William Perehudoff show on at the main gallery. He was a Saskatchewan painter who became an abstract painter and muralist.

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