Notes from the Middle blog

March 1, 2008

I hope you will take the opportunity to check out my new art/general musing blog called Notes from the Middle. I put up works in progress, general thoughts about art and the arts, and anything else that comes to mind. See you there.

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Some new additions

January 20, 2008

I have done a little updating and rearranging. I have changed the Card Gallery to include cards from both my paintings and photos. I have also added some new items. So please feel free to browse.

It is a cold winter day today, and I am going to star on a cold painting, of ice. You can check out my other blog, Notes from the Middle, to see how it progresses. 

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New ventures for the new year

January 18, 2008

I have begun a new art blog, which will include daily musings, bits and pieces and ongoing works. You can see it at 'Notes from the Middle'. You can make comments on this site. I found that on Redberry Art, I was getting too much spam, although you can make comments on Redberry Art too. I have changed the link, so I hope that this will reduce the spam here. Such an annoyance. We are in the depths of winter here, although it has been another milder January - just -22C today!

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Start of a new year

January 6, 2008

This year looks to be a good one for keeping me busy painting. I am going to be taking the second oil painting class through the University extension program, which follows on the first one I took a year ago. I have really enjoyed learning about and using oils. They are such fun to mix and manipulate. I am hoping to learn even more about this great medium. I am also going to take a three day workshop out in Vancouver, with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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Joining a new group

September 19, 2007

I have recently joined a new painting group, The Escape Artists. It is a group of seven painters from Saskatoon, all with different approaches to their art. We will be having our first show and sale October 19 - 21 at the Art au Jus Gallery in Saskatoon. It should be a lot of fun. I will post details closer to the date.

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Current shows

August 21, 2007

Right now, I have several paintings out. I have two at the Mendel Art Gallery's Members' show and sale fundraiser. This goes until Sept. 9. Prairie River Artists also has a group show at the Royal Gallery at Circle Park Mall. This goes until Sept. 8.

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The Painter's Keys

May 15, 2007

Robert Genn, a BC artist, puts out a twice weekly email letter through his art site, The Painter's Keys. It goes out all across the world, with topics covering all things creative. You can sign up for the email on this page - it is painless and very worthwhile. With each letter, you get a link back to the site with responses to the previous letter. This is the best part.  Yyou learn a lot, you think a lot, and you get to see what other people think too.

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A great show

April 25, 2007

We had our group show for Prairie River Artists this past weekend. We had lots of people come by and this year, we tried out a 'Wine and Cheese' evening on the Saturday. We had live music as well so it  was good fun - and a great atmosphere.  It is a lot of work but is well worth the effort. I really enjoy seeing everyone's work and talking to all the people who come by. Now to get going again for next year!

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Oliver Schroer

March 4, 2007

Oliver Schroer is a wonderful Canadian violinist. I came across his most recent CD, called 'Camino' on Eric Friesen's 'Studio Sparks' on CBC2. The music spoke to me, as it was a recording of his walk along the El Camino de Santiago, where he played inside the wonderful old churches along the route. Having visited one of those churches in 2005, the music brought back those soaring arches and vast spaces of the cathedral.

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Class on transparent glass

September 27, 2006


This past weekend, I went out to Vancouver and took a 2-day workshop on how to paint transparent glass, in watercolour, with Kiff Holland. I went out a couple of days earlier, and attended the Federation of Canadian Artists fundraiser. I got to meet with my aunt and uncle (he is a signature member of the FCA, George Bates) and met some of the other Vancouver artists, so it was great fun.

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Two group shows on

August 27, 2006

There are currently two group shows on in Saskatoon, in which I have paintings. One is with Prairie River Artists at the Royal Gallery, Circle Centre Mall. The second is with Sage Brushes, at Mystic Java cafe. Both are on 8th Street. Come by and see the shows!

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Some prizes

August 14, 2006

Both pieces that I entered into the Saskatoon Exhibition Showcase of the Arts were awarded ribbons. The painting, 'The Pettit House, 1912' received a second prize in its class (Heritage Architecture), and the other, 'On 15th Street', received a third prize in its class (watercolour). I felt quite good as I moved into the advanced division this year. You can see both paintings under the 'Architecture' section.

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New paintings added

July 20, 2006

I added 4 new paintings to the site today. I have been getting a few ready to submit to various things. The University Faculty Club has an annual call for submissions to show in the club for a year. I had one accepted last year, so hope that I will be considered again this year. Also, I am submitting two for the Saskatoon Exhbition Art Showcase, both of them architectural subjects. It is Saskatoon's centennial this year, so I did one of the old homes, Summerville house, that is currently being restored.

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Painting in the garden

July 18, 2006



Grace's garden

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